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A Message from Our President - Seymour Barclay and Vice President - Corville Hylton

“ 2020 provides an occasion to turn our thoughts toward the opportunities and challenges of the year and to reflect on the accomplishments of 2019.  We would like to thank the community in general and especially the members of the Association for their support during the past year and we look forward to their ongoing commitment for 2020.  There are several themes we would like to highlight for the Year as we continue to serve Bermuda and the Jamaican community."

Families In Need: We recognize that in these economic times there are families that require assistance. We have always strived to ensure that the Association is in a position to provide help or encouragement to families that show a genuine need.

Educational Support: It is important to recognize academic excellence and the Association will provide an educational award to qualifying and deserving members. The committee will interview and provide financial assistance to members that are recognized for their superior performance.

Athletic Excellence: The Association values the discipline required to achieve athletic prowess and has decided to focus on two areas for 2020. The first is to support Carifta athletes in their endeavours, as well as to re-establish a presence in the local cricket league for 2020.

Wellness: The Association believes that wellness encompasses all areas of our lives including financial fitness, physical health and emotional wellness. We plan to conduct several seminars during 2020 to educate and motivate the public in those areas where they may be lacking in order to ensure that the New Year is one of the most healthy in recent memory.

Cultural Diversity: The Association is certain that a culturally diverse community is a strong and vibrant one. It is our plan to continue to provide events that will allow our members to express and share the deep rich heritage that we are proud to uphold

Economic Prosperity: We encourage the community to innovate, persevere and continue rise to the challenge each of has to facilitate a successful economic for our beloved country Bermuda.



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